2015-05-13 12:00:00

A different trip to Phuket

7 degrees north latitude, a country with faith and favored by the sun. The original love for this country originated from the Bangkok elephant in the elementary school textbook. I never thought about it for many years. I was fortunate enough to kiss this mysterious Fantastic land, maybe fate is so wonderful, at a certain moment of inadvertent acquaintance, some kind of trance, this will come true someday in the future!

The meaning of travel, for me today, if it is not a kind of far away, it is also some kind of return of the soul, return to the most authentic self and the purest beauty in the beauty, thank my team, let I have the opportunity to watch the crowds quietly in a foreign country and meet myself!

May Day, taking advantage of these quiet times, and taking advantage of other tricks, I stepped out of the country for the first time, immersed in the enthusiasm of the romantic island of Phuket, a beam of sunshine in Phuket, a The sea breeze can be easily intoxicated and touched to the bottom of your heart. Phuket's old town, small streets, unique short houses, slow-paced life, filled with Buddhist culture everywhere. Here you can be impatient and calm. Sea, taste all kinds of hot and sour delicious food and sweet to bursting tropical fruits, of course, there is no need to worry about language barriers, because even the street stalls selling beer and fried chicken will communicate in Chinese, and from time to time they will bloom to you Smile!

Phuket, this small island drifting on the sea, does not make you want to leave. It is beautiful no matter where you go. On the first day of travel, you have pure Thai blood, but Chinese is super fluent. The guide P Hai led us to ride elephants, ride ox carts, enjoy fish therapy, and experience the original landscape of southern Thailand and the countryside. In the evening, I watched the international Thai ladyboy show. At that moment, I was only for art. Stop, gorgeous stage, diverse background changes, exquisite costumes, tall shemales are so impeccable. In the show, they interpreted the customs of different countries. During the period, the Chinese song bridges infiltrated me. Back to the homeland, the beauty of the shemale is the beauty of a distant view. If you take photos with Kinki, you will feel that behind them is the hardship and sweat they do n’t know.

On the second day of the trip, early in the morning, we arrived at the incense-filled Hailong Temple in Phuket. We worshiped the legendary four-faced Buddha faithfully, and touched three times under the bodhi tree after the worship, indicating good luck forever. On weekdays, I often overlook the original self of the soul. Here, I interpret the soul belief under the bodhi tree. Epiphany is happiness! Afterwards, by rubber boat, we started to gallop in Phang Nga Bay, which is a "small sea of maritime forests". The mountains here are soaring, and various natural landscapes are beautiful. Here we look at 007 Island, which looks like Chinese cabbage. People are full of ideas. Finally, looking at the Indian Ocean from the immortal peninsula, you will find that as a brilliant "pearl" on the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean, the beauty of Phuket is impeccable!

On the third day of the trip, we arrived at the Fantasy Blue Diamond Island. The banana boat carried us towards the vast ocean of the Indian Ocean, full of excitement, romantic beaches of lovers, white clouds like cotton candy, one by one, the beach There are crowds everywhere, not only the tranquil blue waters, but also the sand on the beach is so fine that the cliffs on all sides and the holes in the cliffs inevitably make people think that there should be gods and relatives in it, because the beaches were shot here. >> This movie is about freedom, so it adds its unique connotation. The Paradise Bay not far away is really as beautiful as the heavens, quiet as the heavens, and the emerald waters at a glance. Here you can unload the distractions, hold your breath, and enjoy the swimming and diving like flying, only here and here, you I will feel that all the past was so insignificant! The snorkeling of the Great Barrier Reef is also particularly interesting. When you dive underwater to appreciate the charm of the bottom of the sea, groups of colorful fish will grab the crumbs in your hands. The paradise-like Cuizhu Island has fewer people, more water, and more foreigners. If you don't want to live up to the blue sky, white sand and five-color water, you can still continue your snorkeling dream by the shore. The coral reefs in the sea are accidentally poked. The taste is really uncomfortable, but in such a beautiful scenery, who wants to swim in the painting! Play with the water for a day. When the sun goes down, stay at the beautiful PP island, birds and flowers, look at the sunset seascape, stroll the streets, tease lazy cats by the road, listen to music, eat seafood barbecue, talk about the beach Campfire SHOW, listening to the waves, watching the stars walking, maybe walking, maybe you will meet the crystal Jingjing and old European and American mothers who are in love! In such a Thai-style life, life is really needed and cherished!

   On the fourth day of travel, compared with the sparkling sea and sky of Phuket on the evening, the sunrise on PP Island is also very beautiful. The sea under the sun is so dazzling. You can play with various POSE on the beach and mix with Phuket. The blue sea and blue sky, mixed with the companion's singing and laughing and the breath of love swing in the camera, imprinted in memory and tasted by time! After enjoying the life of "Natural Nightclub" on PP Island, we set off towards Phuket Town and returned to the original starting point. Although it felt like we were catching up every day, I would like to think about the beauty of Phuket some night, somewhere Go for a taste! After that, we will put our sincere blessings on Phuket on Crazy SHOPPING. The purchasing power of the Chinese people is very strong. The Python Museum, Diamond Factory, Latex Museum, and other things are so rich. The essential oil SPA restores the sun-tanned body to the best balance these days.

During my stay in Phuket, I stayed in three hotels with totally different styles and experienced different customs and customs from our own land. When we enjoyed the joy and cosiness of the island style, parting is on the agenda. The best interpretation of this country full of love, let's start with "Sawadika", then look forward to the next "Crystal Crystal meets the old mother"!